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The site provides a very powerful option of stream & download to download the full album at once. You can not only download mp3 songs, but also ringtones, video songs etc.

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At the top first part of the site you will find many categories, you can go to the one you wish. Search by movie name, indian artists, indian pop/remix songs, pakistani artists, pakistani movies, instumentals, tamil songs etc.

If you are searching for new songs, they genrally appear at the home page with options. mp3raid also offers category-wise searches just like other sites on the list.

If you are in a hurry and wants to listen and download Top hits of the day then this website can do best for you.

MP3 Fusion provides you very fast access to songs, whether you wants to listen them or download to your PC or laptop.

Bee MP3 is a descent yellow themed website which can give you all the songs that your wants to download.

The site’s advance search box lets you search songs by album, artist or just exploring their huge database to get more choices.

Alternatively, use search box to search for your songs.

At indiamp3, you can download any kind of hindi classic songs, old songs, new songs, pakistani songs etc.

So, music becomes an essential resource to enjoy, relax and make fun in day-to-day life.

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