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We can go for food, drink or some other activities together.

Send me message with name, age & contact info & lets take it forward from there. Send Message Ref ID:2199fb47-2ddd-46d7-95d3-98723bd34c35 I am a professional live in Hong Kong for 6 years. I'm passionate about travel, trying new food and things in general. Looking forward to bringing my best and making smiles contagious.

Tinder is a popular way to meet new people, go on dates, and perhaps enjoy some late nights with a friendly soul.

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I relate better to people who don't think the world evolve around them and are good communicators. Me: local Chinese , professionally trained and educated overseas, so I have both Eastern and Western influence.

I appreciate some of the finer things in life-especially in people.

I enjoy being around genuine, kind and beautiful people.

To me, the inner beauty is just as important as the look, if not more important.

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I am interested in meeting someone for a proper and true relationship built on love and mutual respect but i prefer to begin as friends. Send Message Ref ID:5e4672b8-05bf-41f2-9580-f06b6b35a579 I am an easy going Professional that enjoys to laugh, have fun and enjoy making others laugh.

I am looking for a proper and long term relationship, a soul mate and someone to share life with both in love, romance and friendship. Send Message Ref ID:dd89e1c4-94b6-42b1-854e-8360505e37d8 I am a male in my early 30s living in HK.

To share my pain and to share my success, I need a freindship. Send Message Ref ID:b2da8202-1534-4cd4-8ab4-280c2047e6f5 We are a group of mature singles, age 40 , hanging out on a regular basis (dining, live music, comedy show, coffee etc). I am keen to meet ladies of any age/background :) so be quick :) Send Message Ref ID:b575a136-29c6-4f2c-b934-aaa489cdc31a Hello :) I live in Shenzhen only 20 min subway ride to Hong Kong and I would like to meet new friends and maybe more.

Great company with the potential to meet someone special. I am a 30 year old Candian male looking to settle down or find a good friend in Shenzhen or HK.

I was out of the Online dating scene because of bad experiences and being Mislead. Wine, dancing, live music, beach, light hiking, workouts, movies, comedy, romance, some sports, Pets, Family. I am looking same way Send Message Ref ID:8e5e9d37-553a-4469-9f0d-081336de2f5a Am on a Holiday for a few days and looking to meet someone sweet, thoughtful, and intelligent woman. A bit about myself: Attractive, classy, smart and independent with an engaging personality.

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