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Hunter: Well Rock married Phyllis, and she was Henry Wilson’s secretary, and he was my agent. Hunter: It’s explained perfectly in the capsule on the billboard: “He rode the West, she rode the rest, together they ravaged the land.” It’s a spoof of ’50s Westerns and I did my Clint shtick. Hunter: She was one of my favorite leading ladies, are you kidding?To breathe, I would run out to the barn to be with my horses because I love shoveling shit. I feel closest to God with a pitchfork full of crap in my hands. In fact right as we speak now I’m waiting to be a father because my mare is as big as this table and she’s due any hour, and if she does I’m going to call the baby Austin because we’re in Austin. You play cool, but it’s not what you’re really feeling. You had a relationship with a French actress who barely spoke English. Sophia Loren, Geraldine Page, Natalie Wood, Divine! It wasn’t the outrageous person you saw in the screen persona. Glaser: He really wanted to do “Lust in the Dust” because as much as he loved John Waters’ pictures, he wanted to break out and become more mainstream.

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Schwarz: Even if they want to be out, their managers and agents are preventing them from doing that.

One day before the New Year, Christian moviegoers can reflect on 2014's plethora of faith-based movies in Hollywood, from Darren Aronofsky's "Noah" to the latest release, Angelina Jolie's "Unbroken."With Hollywood studios creating such a high rate of Bible-inspired movies this year, it is easy to rank each film based on their quality, messaging, and adherence to actual Scripture- in the case of the Bible-based films.

I would love for people who don’t understand the LGBT community to see this film because Tab is one of us and he’s also somebody who they already love, so they just didn’t know that part of him. Glaser: It was interesting when Portia de Rossi said there’s still part of us still afraid of Hollywood, we’re still afraid to be who we are, because it’s so two-faced.

It’s probably the most gay industry in the world and yet they won’t embrace their own sexuality for fear they’re going to lose money if they tell the truth.

Tab Hunter: I heard someone was going to be writing a book on me and I figured, “Get it from the horse’s mouth, not from some horse’s ass after I’m dead and gone.” People will write what they want anyway, but I lived it. ” Schwarz: I met Tab and Allan when I interviewed them both for “I Am Divine” and started thinking about a documentary without knowing they were also thinking about that, and Allan and I started talking and he brought me on. The Tab Hunter/Anthony Perkins pairing is probably the sexual fever dream of so many people. and got any of their stars on any of their pictures. Schwarz: Even if the reporters knew the truth about the private lives of the stars, they would never dream of bringing it up because they would never have access to that star again. Louella Parsons might when something really pissed her off, but I liked her.

Glaser: But even the whispers about Tab’s sexuality did not damage his career because a magazine called Confidential came out and exposed him and he was voted, six months later, the most popular young male star in America.

But his gay identity wasn’t so secret to some (including Jack Warner, his supportive and nurturing executive producer).

In 1955, as his career was beginning, Hollywood rag Confidential (think a fanzine TMZ) dug up Hunter’s arrest at a underground party five years earlier, and published an expose tying the incident to his until-then-hidden homosexuality.

He enjoyed a mid-sized movie career, starring in war pictures in the 1950s before landing a plum contract at Warner Bros. Schwarz discovered Hunter’s story while interviewing him and his longtime partner (and former Fox executive) Allan Glaser for Schwarz’s “I Am Divine,” a documentary portrait of none-other-than Divine, John Waters’ muse and a close friend of Hunter’s.

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