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“All I knew was that he was tall and had brown hair and blue eyes, so every guy I saw who kind of fit that description, I would look at him and I would say, ‘If that were Aaron, would I still like him? “The answer was always yes.” They met at the airport when Aaron was returning from vacation to go to college.

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Many experts say prior online communication, like the kind Anna and Sam had, can create a stronger bond in real life.

“Online technology, as well as SMS, enables having a connection that is faster and more direct,” according to Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, author of “Love Online: Emotions on The Internet” and a University of Haifa philosophy professor.

She said yes, he moved to New Zealand, they got married on New Year’s Eve, and the rest is history.

“I’d never done anything this crazy and impulsive before, but I’ve never felt the love I have with Darren,” Gina said.

Jon flew for more than 30 hours from South Asia to California to meet Katie, the girl he met online and who he’d been calling and emailing with for the past two months.

He had his grandmother’s ring with him and was going to propose.

His colleagues thought he’d lost his mind, but he knew she was the one for him.

Six weeks after their first online conversation, Darren proposed to Gina on the phone — from 12,000 miles away and bent on one knee.

Numerous studies suggest that talking online with someone beforehand can improve face-to-face relationships.

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