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In its latest effort to make migrating from VMware less of an obstacle, Microsoft has upgraded its Virtual Machine Converter, the company's free tool for converting VMware virtual machines (VMs) into Hyper-V VMs.Although there are a number of different conversion tools available, there are two things that make the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter attractive: it's free and easy to use.However, if you are migrating a virtual machine from ESX version 4.1 or earlier to Amazon EC2, the connector can't validate the certificates of the host, so the migration fails.

The company released version 2.0 of the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter in late March.

When you go to the download page (, you'll have the opportunity to obtain the installer for the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter, but you can also use the same link to download the tool's documentation.

When you request a migration, we create a conversion task.

When the conversion task completes successfully, your imported instance is available.

The process for exporting an instance creates an OVA file and stores it in an Amazon S3 bucket in your AWS account.

If you have not previously exported an EC2 instance using v Center, you must first specify the name that we will use for the S3 buckets that we create for instance export.

To ensure that you can start a new instance with the same software as an migrated instance if needed, create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from the instance, and then create a template that specifies the AMI.

To create an AMI, you must use the Amazon EC2 console or command line tools.

Cause Something is wrong with permissions (namely, the VM doesn’t have Full Control rights to it’s VHD anymore.

In this image below, you can see a new and working VM on the left, and a broken VM on the right. Fix You could fix this by hand by getting the VMId of the VM and adding it with Full Control permissions manually. All we need to do is get a list of our VMs, then iterate through each disk and apply the right Full Control perms.

I’d recommend using this fine code by Sam Boutrous, Get-Parent Path.

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