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"Ahem, Herschel," Rancis said, trying to get the Aussie's attention.

Herschel was busy, making out with his girlfriend, Sticky Wipplesnit."Come on Redneck, give us our tickets and snacks, now! Both Herschel and Sticky jumped in surprise, having no clue that someone was waiting to buy tickets."Sorry there mates," Herschel chuckled and printed up the tickets, "on the house for me not paying attention," he said with a wink and went back to making out with Sticky."That's what I'm talkin' about, thank you Hersch," Vanellope said and handed Rancis his ticket.

Rancis ran to his RV1 and jumped in it, holding his hair, still in fear that he would lose it.

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Shaking it off, Rancis walked out to the lobby and ordered some snacks.

"Hey Hersch, could I please get a bucket of buttered popcorn and a large Root Beer? Herschel stopped making out with Sticky long enough to get Rancis' food and drink."$13.50 please," Herschel asked in his Aussie accent."That's OUTRAGEOUS!

The President parked in an empty spot close to the theater and killed the engine."That sounds great Rancis, I've been waiting to this for awhile now, I'm glad Herschel was able to get it," Vanellope replied as Rancis assisted her in getting out of her kart.

She smiled at him when he let go and tried to hide the faint blush painted on his cheeks."Good, well let's hope it's as good as the commercials make it out to be," Rancis replied and dug out his wallet to pay Herschel who ran the ticket booth and the concession stand.

He gulped, sweat starting to form on the palm of his hands, he reached up to the chocolate door and knocked.

Expecting Sour Bill, Rancis was surprised when it was none other than Vanellope who answered the door."What's up, oh hey Rancis, what can I do for you? Rancis felt his breath caught in his throat as he did nothing but stare at Vanellope.

Soon, Rancis gathered up enough functioning brain cells to ask Vanellope what he wanted to ask her for a long time."Vanellope, would you like to accompany me to the picture show this evening? The Reese's boy tightly clenched his eyes, waiting for a laugh or a scoff, but nothing came.

He opened his eyes and saw Vanellope with the castle door closed with Vanellope standing in front of it."I'd love to Rancis, I'll drive," Vanellope said and grabbed Rancis' hand and led him to her kart.

Rancis smiled and made a quick stop in the restroom.

He splashed some water on his face and looked at himself in the mirror."Mod, I don't feel so good," Rancis said and held his tummy.

Ever since the Sugar Rush reset, Rancis has harbored feelings for Vanellope, yet was too afraid to act. "I don't think I can do this Swizz," Rancis said as he, Swizzle and Gloyd were hanging around his house.

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