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Please wake me from this nightmare @Stevie Ryan I loved you and will forever miss you!

In fact, they're officially OVER since Josh didn't invite Drake to his wedding.

Well, get ready to feel old because Josh Peck is a married man now.

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In the nearly 10 years since their show ended, the duo appeared to maintain their seemingly tight relationship, posting nostalgic memes and photos of themselves all over social media.

On the surface it seemed that nothing had changed, given the nature of their bro-mantic posts on Instagram and Twitter.

This development feels especially good after the *slight* squabble between the old friends this year over a wedding invite (which thankfully, all got worked out and was attributed to a “cranky moment.” Been there, guys).

Have you heard the rumors that Drake Bell and Josh Peck are feuding?

We’ve been working together for 18 years, maybe even longer now.

So we’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs, it’s like we’re real brothers.

Josh Peck, 30, got married to his long-time girlfriend Paige O’Brien on Saturday (June 17) in Malibu, with many wondering why Drake wasn’t at the ceremony to celebrate with his former co-star. I’ll miss you brotha.’ If you weren’t already mourning the death of childhood innocence, the tweets themselves have reportedly caused upset in Josh’s camp.

In since deleted tweets, Drake expressed his disdain at the lack of invite, writing: ‘True colors have come out today. Speaking to Us Weekly, an insider source said how Josh was upset and explained the reason behind Drake’s lack of invite, saying: ‘At Josh’s wedding this weekend some guests were asking Josh Peck where Drake was. They aren’t close anymore and Josh had a very small wedding.’ The apparent feud is even more heart-breaking considering Drake shared a nostalgic photo of the pair just days prior, writing: ‘Studs!!

Fans were excited to learn that Peck and his girlfriend, Paige O'Brien, got engaged back in June 2016.

However, it seems that Bell wasn't quite feeling the love, because he reportedly never reached out to congratulate his longtime pal, according to a source for It was also reported that Bell was upset to hear that Dan Schneider was a guest.

The news has definitely been a hard pill to swallow for fans of their popular self-titled Nickelodeon series.

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