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When hair is completely dry start at one side of your head and work on two inch sections of hair at a time.

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Remember that the larger the barrel of the curling or spiral iron, the bigger the curls. Adjust the time according to your hair texture and needs.

For some people they will only need to use the iron for a few seconds. After you remove each curl from the iron, let it completely cool before touching it. When you have finished curling your entire head, spray with a good spray.

Spiral curls are best created on hair that is shoulder length or slightly longer and cut with lots of layers in varying lengths.

Super curly or wavy hair should have long layers to help add weight to the curls and waves.

Naturally curly girls may sometimes curse their tight chunky curls, but wavy and straighter tressed girls often lust after a head of illusive shimmering spirals.

Even naturally curly doesn't guarantee perfect spirals worn by Julia Roberts, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Deborah Messing.

Keep the curlers in your hair until they have completely cooled which should be equivalent to 30 minutes.

Adjust the time according to your hair texture and needs.

Remove the curlers and avoid brushing or touching the curls until you are ready to style.

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