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6) Don't sign up to make a reality show if you have a lot of freaky skeletons in the closet that TMZ can find. The networks do background checks (theoretically) but they're mostly checking criminal history and bad credit.

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It's okay to let them use that stuff to promote you, but it needs to be spelled out exactly how it's used and when you will be compensated for the usage.

8) NEVER believe anyone who tells you they won't use something they're filming. I actually got that advice from the producer who made my original demo reel and he was right.

This doesn't apply to contest shows or boot camp-types of shows where you've signed up to play the game.

But if you are filming an "unscripted" reality show, you can say "no." You do not have to make an ass of yourself because production thinks it will look good on television.

However, there are a few things that would seem obvious about jumping into this business but absolutely are not, and I'm going to take a minute to share them now.

Before anybody else gets hurt (literally or figuratively speaking).However, keep in mind that if you're saying "no" too often, you may have signed up to do the wrong show. You cannot quit once the network has invested a million or more dollars in your show. You're entering into a short-term marriage of sorts, and if your show is successful, it could be a long happy relationship or it could be the marriage from hell.Even if your show is successful, the network won't renew your show if you couldn't get along with your production company.This reality TV show schedule lists debut dates and time slots for new and returning reality shows that debut this summer and beyond.I frequently update it with officially announced days and times, so bookmark this page and check back—or click the link on the top of any page to visit this list any time.If it's embarrassing for the network, you can be sued for non-disclosure.

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