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“But more and more people who first started using dating apps years ago are looking for more real matches.” So the biggest names in online dating have begun adding features, updating their platforms, and introducing new means of getting people excited and more likely to find what they’re actually looking for, rather than just a way to pass the time.

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While it’s tough to say for sure what the “number one” dating app really is — multiple platforms claim this distinction — given that dating apps fall under various categories within app stores, making direct comparisons impossible, it’s fair to assume Tinder is one of the most ubiquitous (at least one million people actually pay for the premium version of the free service).

In addition to various promotions, like its election-related “Swipe the Vote” campaign, the app has made some pretty big changes over the past year.

OKCupid, another one of the most well-known dating apps, also added more gender options to its offerings in 2016, and recently expanded its matches to include those looking for polyamorous relationships.

It’s at least plausible that this change was made following the hype surrounding “Feeld,” originally called “3nder,” the first major dating app for those looking to engage in relationships or sexual encounters that come in threes.

But a dating site that is explicitly centered around religious commonality clearly cannot function properly if it is not legally allowed to put religious views into practice.

One wonders, too, how far the demand for inclusivity should go.Now, Christian Mingle restricts users to either gay or straight relationships with a single individual — users can choose only whether they are listed as male or female, and identify which sex they are attracted to.But this restriction leaves the site open to the attack that it is refusing to cater to those with other gender identities and to those, such as the polyamorous, who do not believe in monogamous relationships. In order for a dating website to function at all, it has to be able to set parameters for relationships.Julie Spira, an online dating expert who has been coaching people in finding the right match for about 20 years, says that this is in large part due to the fatigue many are beginning to feel when hours of swiping result in very little real-life action.“Many people [just] use these apps for entertainment, swiping on their lunch break,” she said.But we already have a diverse marketplace for online dating, and it was not created by filing class-action claims against Christian dating sites.

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