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Next, you can use a Grid View control on another, or the same, page to retrieve any just-inserted records.As you can see in Figure 1, input fields are empty and don t suggest any values to users.

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Damon gives just one example of a poisoned dagger in the game of Sharepoint Development: The Item Event Receiver.

I’m usually disappointed when writers employ oft-overused metaphors to describe a situation.

In this column, I ll first answer a specific question posed by a reader, then move on to putting the solution in perspective and extending other features of the Details View control.

Let s say you need a Web page that collects data and populates a database.

The table in Figure 2 details the supported events. It is interesting to note that the Item Command event doesn t fire if the user clicks on the Edit or Insert buttons or any other standard buttons.

Clicking these buttons is handled internally to ensure the expected behavior.

In my previous article Details View Rich Data Control we have learned how to use Details View using SQLData Source data control...

I got many mails about how to use Details View without SQLData Source.

As the reader pointed out, this is going to be a problem if you have to enter the same subset of data for, say, fifteen records.

Looking at Figure 1, wouldn t it be reasonable to automatically set the title field with Mr. Especially for pages used for data entry, this little trick might greatly improve the user s experience.

" The Details View control is not limited to exposing its data to users in an appropriate and friendly way.

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