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Dating uk, the hottest and easiest new site for single men and women to find dating fun, romance and maybe more, has run the length of the country and chatted-up to guys and girls in all the biggest and happening cities about what they would personally call kissing.

The nation's favourite is "snog" with a massive 58% of the vote.

The success of this website has encouraged many other companies to follow suit.

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Dating Trail is a young internet based business, offering a speed dating events comparison service customers throughout the UK.

Users simply enter their postcode to find the speed dating events nearest them from all the major organisers. Founded in 2008, the business is situated in South West London.

Coming in close second is "smooching," followed barely just by "making out," "necking," "pulling," "tonguing," "Frenching" and "hooking up." Young birds and blokes on a night out are way more likely to say words like pulling, making out and snogging, while older ladies and gents would call a kiss necking or smooching - so keep that in mind next time your Gran brings someone home!

Andrew Summersgill, director at Dating uk, comments: "We're so glad Ivy Bean was able to comment on this for us!

Dating Trail provides access to speed dating events, Lock and Key parties, Quiz Dating events, Wine Tasting Dating and even singles holidays throughout Europe.

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