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It didn’t last long, but even now years later he’s still talking about it all the time, as if he could easily do that again whenever he wants.

Or my Mom’s boyfriend- He’s a very nice guy and definitely loves my Mom, but I’ve heard him saying stuff like ‘I know I could get a younger woman, but you are the one I choose and love’. I’m 27 and I cannot imagine ever being interested in a man 20 years older.

Not to forget the fact that younger women are more sexually active and full of life in comparison to older women.

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I just thought to start this thread after having a fun afternoon with a friend yesterday- After not visiting Craigslist for probably two years, we checked out some ‘Men looking for’ ads, just for fun, because I remember that the biggest creeps are on CL and you can have some good laughs.

We went through some ads and noticed one thing (more than ever before)- There are TONS of older men (45 ) looking for relationships with MUCH younger women.

For instance, if you are married to a younger woman who cant stand your presence and vice-versa, do you think that the above study will have any positive implications on your health?

So, be sure to marry for the right reasons and not merely for the age factor.

Since ages, we have been fighting to figure out the formula for longevity.

While there is no magic pill that guarantees overnight longevity, there are several documented means that can potentially promote long and healthy living.

In fact, most experts arent able to determine the exact cause over here as yet.

Some claim that younger women provide a mental boost to a person, thereby helping one lead a longer life.

Researchers conclude that men live longer if they marry younger women.

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