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Military officers and troops from Salonika, among whom Enver played a leading role, marched on Istanbul.

They arrived at the capital on April 23, and by the next day they had the situation well in hand.

A government spy infiltrated their group and informed on them.

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He then entered the General Staff College, graduating in 1905 as a captain and ranking fifth out of a class of 57; he was one of the empire’s leading young officers.

Mustafa Kemal’s career almost ended soon after his graduation when it was discovered that he and several friends were meeting to read about and discuss political abuses within the empire.

He made several new friends, including Ali Fethi (Okyar), who would later join him in the creation and development of the Turkish republic.

Having completed his education at Monastir, Mustafa Kemal entered the War College in Istanbul in March 1899.

Most important, Ali Riza saw to it that his son’s earliest was carried out in a modern secular school, rather than in the religious school Zübeyde Hanım would have preferred.

In this way Ali Riza set his son on the path of modernization.

He modernized the country’s legal and educational systems and encouraged the adoption of a European way of life, with Turkish written in the Latin alphabet and with citizens adopting European-style names.

will upon the war-weary Turks and repulsed aggression by British, French, and Italian troops.

An insurrection spearheaded by reactionary troops broke out on the night of April 12–13, 1909.

The revolution that had restored the constitution in 1908 was in danger.

The group was broken up and its members assigned to remote areas of the empire.

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