Dating when not sexually attracted

It’s usually the more long-lasting kind, because overwhelming chemistry can make us ‘blind’ – so we tend to overlook the signs we’re not such a great match otherwise.

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But since then I’ve become too rational and experienced – nobody can fascinate me anymore. Well, if you have it – I am still waiting to see any evidence of that.

Here are the most common reasons why we experience extended periods of no spark.

If love at first sight has never happened to you, then you’re probably just a different person, one that requires more than ‘that look’ to fall for someone, and that’s perfectly fine. Your relationships may not start with fireworks, but they probably won’t fizzle out quickly like them either. I thought there was something about me that repels men.

This is a big reason, and it’s made up of one of more limiting beliefs you have. I thought all men are immature and I’ll simply have to settle on that front.

It’s great to have that mind-blowing chemistry, but it quickly wears off if you don’t really like and don’t get along with your partner.

You can fall in love gradually, it’s the same love, it can be as strong or even stronger than the first-sight kind.

You might find yourself in one of these – but if you don’t, it’s because this list isn’t exhaustive.

Lots of people feel no attraction for lots of reasons, and it would be hard to list them all.

I strongly recommend you to try, and just observe what happens.

Share a belief you have about love and relationships, men, women or dating. Have you ever had an experience of ‘love at first sight’? Are you comparing every new person with your ex partner?

Everyone you meet, you compare with that one special ex partner, and you feel you’ll never find anyone you’ll click so much with.

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