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Last year the company posted a net loss for the first time since 2000, after a demand slump caused by political turmoil and militant attacks at home.

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Another other couple waiting were separated by a friend or family member sitting between them and both had the same frowned appearance that was adorning my husband’s face. Also social decorum in Turkey dictates that while my marriage is over, I should not be embarrassing my husband by being seen out in public with another man.

However, he can be seen with other women and this is acceptable.

Both of us had to cover our mouths to stop laughing. He raised his eyebrows, trying to fake a serious look and then smiled, trying to stifle his laugh.

The judge turned to me and started asking questions but he had a squeaky voice and spoke too fast for me to understand him, despite my newfound passion for conversing in Turkish, wherever I went.

Despite challenges like poor security or electricity cuts at some airports, such flights feed passengers into Turkish Airline's hub, making routes like Istanbul to London profitable.

"You have to have those destinations to make your hub busy and your profitable destinations more profitable," he said.

The office staff looked at each other with raised eyebrows and repeated the question three times. A woman taking notes on the computer introduced us and the procedure started.

So you might think at this point, we would be serious but we looked at each other from across the room and smiled.

I refused to discuss it anymore but found it rather amusing that all the gossip had been wrong and obvious stalking of my Facebook page, means many incorrect assumptions had been made. We continued talking but gradually the tone of the conversation changed.

In the blink of an eye, we were laughing and joking like the old days.

Experts say one of the most stressful events in life is a divorce. When I married my Turkish Romeo seven years ago, I never imagined, it would end in divorce.

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