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As always, my thanks to Neuralmancer for allowing me to assume the mortgage on his farm.Eurytion Our story so far: In Chapter One: A New Project by Neuralmancer --- we meet Joey who lives on a human cattle ranch owned by his father.

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Under the fair's rules, that makes her a maverick to be claimed by the first person who finds her.

Linda Sue relinquishes her claim to Joey who reluctantly decides to have the youngster converted by Mc Cains into livestock for his new human veal venture.

His girlfriend, Linda Sue, uses her feminine charm to convince Joey's dad to allow Joey to raise and enter a human cattle in the upcoming judging at the Cannibal 4H fair.

In Chapter Two: The Fair by Neuralmancer --- Joey and Linda Sue take their human cow to the fair.

In Chapter Fifteen: The Pinto Project by Eurytion --- Joey goes dotty over a new undertaking.

In Chapter Sixteen: At The Stables by Eurytion --- We visit Kyner Stables to find a home for Terri and Linda Sue.Joey and Linda Sue lend a hand in the slaughtering.In Chapter Four: A Maverick's Conversion by Eurytion --- Linda Sue catches Valerie, Joey's thirteen year old neighbour who has a huge crush on Joey without her identification badge.In Chapter Twelve: The Plot Advances by Eurytion --- Joey suggests Terri and Linda Sue engage in a game of horse.A sparkling new friendship is formed while an almost cow plots revenge.Linda Sue dispatches one adversary only to meet a more formidable foe.

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