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I’m not going to reward them for their bad politics by dating me.It’s not hard to rise above fatphobia, and if someone can’t do it, then I don’t want them to make a special exception just for me.The plugin is free, but another thing that can enhance being a fat babe on Ok Cupid is having a paid account.

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Your body is great, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Being fat isn’t necessarily a miserable, abject experience, and the more you try to reinforce that with your behaviour, the truer it becomes.

): This means I can tell straight away that the person whose profile I’m looking at probably doesn’t hate fat people. If I’m scrolling through my potential matches and think ‘Ooooh, looks cute, let’s check ’em out…’ and it turns out they’re a wrong ‘un, this is what I see at the top of the page instead: This means the answers they’ve given on body type are B – A – D and they are not someone I want to date.

This saves me the trouble of either blithely messaging them and wasting my precious typing energy (which I conserve for blogging and bitchy tweets), or having to trawl through the answers to their questions, looking for specific tweets about their attitudes to bodies. You can customise the plugin to reflect things that are important to you, so obviously the ‘weight nondiscriminating’ category isn’t standard across everyone’s.

knowing whether someone’s read your message or not!

), you can filter your matches based on their answer to specific questions. If you’re someone who would prefer a partner that explicitly prefers fat people, you can search for people who have given that answer.

There are two really useful ways you can make Ok Cupid a more fruitful and pleasant experience for you as a fat.

Firstly, if you’re not using Chrome, then get Chrome, then install this plugin.

Nowhere on my profile do I beat myself up about being fat, or apologize in advance to the people that are going to meet me.

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