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Having said all that, we do believe that physical attraction is germane to a healthy, successful relationship and discourage relationships between two people who get along great, appear to be compatible and yet have no “spark.” Building a great relationship without the excitement and attraction that comes from Little Physical Attraction = Deal Breaker? Remember, a “great person” is not a “great person for you” unless they meet your needs and desires in a partner.You needn’t feel guilty about your lack of physical chemistry with a person.The Universe will not do this, but can you see how it is very difficult for the Universe to give you exactly what you want when you don’t even know? Now that you’re very clear about what you really desire in a partner, take that piece of paper, fold it up and carry it with you for at least a week.

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How do I ‘Attract’ the perfect relationship for me? ”Just think about that for a minute…Don’t doubt yourself.

I’m going to show you a real quick and simple way to Attract the exact person that you are looking for – Your dream date! Assume that you are perfect in every way and there is nothing standing in your way of getting exactly what you want. Otherwise, the Universe will have no idea what you really want ñ and that’s what it will give you.

As human beings, we are made to feel physical attraction.

It is one of our most powerful mate selection criteria.

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So what does that have to do with dating and relationships?

Whether you are aware of it or not, every thought you have, every emotion you feel, everything you hear and read, affects your reality.

It doesn’t matter where you put it, as long as you keep it with you for at least a week. During this week, make sure that you listen to your gut, or inner voice.

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