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We'll have a long and happy marriage and two or three children." How did this make her feel?

"Relaxed and very content."Stephanie Lindsay, 40, a floral designer from Louisville, Kentucky, is a bit more cynical, and took her recent future-plotting trip to a fortune teller with a spoonful of salt.

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Once assured Prince Charming will magically appear next summer (it's always next summer, it seems), the women lose their desperation and relax with a calm expectation of good things to come.

The manhunt stops getting them down because they've been guaranteed the happy ending.

After a year of radio silence, my friend Beth had got back in touch with some good news: There was a man.

My friends and I finally understood her distance over the previous months: As many of us had embarked on the road to marriage and motherhood, Beth had been stagnant.

"I've been to reputable psychics just for fun in the past, and nothing substantial came true.

I've given birth to a son who likes science, but that's it.

He's handsome, successful, and clever, and he's going to adore me."Going to? "We'll get married shortly after, have two healthy children immediately, and then move to a beautiful home in the country." As we raised our eyebrows, the usually sensible 35-year-old admitted, "That's what my psychic said, and I believe her."I'm not surprised by this confession.

A recent Pew Research study found that women are twice as likely than men to visit psychics.

Thanks to “conscious dating” websites like Eco Dater and Yoga Connect, connecting with like-minded singles is starting to get a lot easier. We tracked down three user favorites that just [ital: might] help you manifest that New Year’s resolution of finding love in 2011: Love Colors [update 12-14, site may no longer be functional] On this unique site, “What’s your favorite color, baby? Professional psychic Pamala Oslie launched the Santa Barbara-based site last September as a way for singles to connect based on aura compatibility.

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