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As news of outlaw Jesse James reached the East Coast, young boys started to imitate him.

For instance, boys armed with guns shot at police investigating their activities at the Concord-street schoolhouse.

When the smoke cleared, two students were killed, two more were fatally wounded, and the high school's Professor Johnson was wounded in the arm.

During the school exhibition, a group of young men tried to break up a student performance.

When Mc Ginnis' son learned of this, he went to the school and killed the teacher.

A boy who refused to be whipped by his teacher left the school.

In the middle of the day, a group of very drunk Jackson County farmers were shooting their revolvers as they headed down the street, driving people into their homes.

As they approached the female academy, the girls fled from the yard into the school.

While working late on the program for the children's concert at the school house, the school master Mr.

O'Donnell and one of the parents got into an argument. Williams, pulled a gun and fatally shot O'Donnell in the back.

Enoch Brown school massacre: Perhaps the earliest shooting to happen on school or college property, in what would become the United States, was the notorious Enoch Brown school massacre during the Pontiac's War.

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