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If she consistently follows through, chances are she's ready for group dating, says Dr. And though it will be up to you to determine when she's ready for one-on-one dating, experts like Dr.Cohen-Sandler believe 16 is often an appropriate age.This will prevent strangers from viewing his postings and allow only a select group of pre-approved people like friends and relatives to access his videos.

"Shane's content must be age-appropriate and it can't be mean-spirited," says Natalie.

Safety is also a major issue—especially since You Tube has 3 billion video views each day.

"And talk to your child about staying safe and being responsible by not sharing any identifying information, ignoring friend requests from people he doesn't know, and not posting inappropriate or hurtful comments," says Dr. "Being constantly connected on social media lessens real social interaction with actual friends," he explains.

One to two hours a day is more than enough, adds Neil Bernstein, Ph D, a teen psychologist in Washington, DC, and author of Also talk to your kids about the type of photos they're allowed to upload.

Another bonus: Shane and his friends often spend hours developing their skits, which is a welcome change from time spent glued to the TV or video games.

Still, even if your child's videos are strictly creative and not dangerous (like footage of your son leaping off the garage onto a trampoline or your daughter dancing provocatively), you want to set clear guidelines.

"Many younger teens, especially girls, think it's fun to post photos of themselves wearing belly shirts or other provocative clothing without really understanding the sexual message it sends," explains Dr. That's yet another reason to friend your kid, so you can see what images he or she is uploading. Is she talking about getting together one-on-one with the boy she likes or hanging out with him in a group of friends?

Be proactive too: Set up a Google Alert for your child's name, suggests Edgington. If she's thinking of a date where it's just the two of them, then the easy answer is: She's too young.

"You'll get an email immediately if a video, tweet or public Facebook comment tagged with your child's name has been posted online."2. "At 14, kids aren't socially mature enough to handle a one-on-one relationship," says Jill Murray, Psy D, a psychotherapist in Laguna Niguel, California, and a leading expert on teen relationships.

Simply put, young teens are still impulsive and often act without thinking, she explains.

"A lot of things that are obvious to parents, like not posting your full name, home address or the school you attend, aren't so obvious to teens," says Abbi Tatton, a You Tube spokeswoman.

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