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Non-commercial rejection lines are permitted, but please, make sure they are funny and not just mean. At the end of your wasted time you may not feel like being polite.You can find out more information about Engineer appointments and remote activation below.

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This will include a Sky hub, which will be posted out to you before the activation date of your phone line. When you place your order, we will also let you know if we can activate the line remotely or whether you’ll need an engineer appointment.

If you are unsure whether you have an engineer appointment or if your line will be activated remotely, you can check your order on our Order Tracking page by logging in with, or setting up, your Sky i D.

See switching to Sky Talk from another provider for more information.

If you live in a flat/apartment block, the phone lines in your building are linked to a telephone distribution point.

Keep this number handy for the next time someone won’t leave you alone.

File it in your contacts under a name you’ll be able to find quickly, for example your own name with the addition “private line”.212-479-7990 New York, NY, USAOnce the offender calls “you”, the rejection line team will take care of them.

To avoid confrontation, just give them a smile and a fake number. You can use one of the numbers below to escape without having to reject or disappoint the person on the spot.

For ease of use, we sorted the numbers by location.

Not many services offer international fake phone numbers.

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