speed dating hanoi - Dating phone etiquette for men

You have just had your first experience together, he either got really into you on this date or he decided he really didnt like you all that much after all.

If you call him first then how will you really know? Now, once he does call you then you have set the precedent to be able to call him in a couple of days if that is what you want to do.

In fact there are entire groups of people that do not agree with this but since the beginning of time men have been much more interested in something that is a bit of a challenge than something that comes too easily.

Think about what the man is instinctively meant for.

If the argument or fight was prompted by something he did that made you angry then perhaps you better let him call you.

Never make a man grovel when he wasnt wrong and never grovel yourself if you were not wrong.

If you do call him and he tells you he is busy and will need to call you back then whatever you do, do not call him back again until he has called you back; doing that will appear obsessive. It is very hard for a lot of women to admit when they are wrong and for this reason a lot of guys just let women be right.

If you did something to hurt him or got caught in a lie or some other infraction then you really should pick up the phone and call him.Men and woman will always have the instincts that are born into them.If you meet an interesting guy and you two seem to hit it off, give him your number.You could tell him to hold on and you will write your number down for him so he can call you when it is convenient or you could just take the number and call him later.Either way this is a time when calling a man is acceptable.We have gotten very far from the things we were taught as children but now we are starting to believe that our parents werent so foolish after all.

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