Dating persian coins

For other coins of this region, also check out the following pages: AFGHANISTAN COIN & CURRENCY PAGE IRAQ COINS & CURRENCY This silver Tanka was struck by Sultan Husayn Bayqara, the last great Timurid monarch, at his capital in Heart (Afghanistan), between 14AD. They ruled much of Central Asia from during the 14th and 15th century.

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The coins have been in huge demand in Egypt due to the canal’s economic and historical importance. The Proof issues have the tiny Hebrew character "mem" below the date. They are attractive and historic coins at a very reasonable price considering their limited mintage.

The Israel 1963 Hanukkah 1 Lira displays an 18th century North African Hanukkah lamp. For many years, Israel required tokens to operate their public telephones.

On August 6, 2015, Egypt officially opened a major expansion of the Suez Canal.

The expansion added a second shipping lane, allowing ships to travel in opposite directions at the same time.

During his younger years, Husayn served as a mercenary and guerilla fighter. He eventually conquered Herat, and soon gained control over much of the Timurid territory.

He was a great supporter of the arts and literature and engaged in a major building program.

The event was celebrated with a national holiday and the release of two circulating commeomorative coins: a 25.1mm bi-metallic 1 Pound coin and a 23mm brass-plated steel 50 Piastres, both dated 2015. One side of the coin features the logo of the Suez Canal Authority which depicts two passing ships.

The other side includes the denomination in both Arabic and English and the AH and AD date in Arabic.

A few of the sample coins somehow escaped into circulation.

The coins were to be part of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization coin program.

This nearly doubled the canal’s capacity and decreased the waiting time for ships wishing to use the canal.

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