Dating pantyhose

A pantyhose fetishist (or someone with a fetish for "tights", if they live in the United Kingdom) will generally like stockings, socks, panties, feet, shoes, boots, legs, dresses and skirts. When you look around at women in pantyhose or tights, how many of these women share you fetish?Well, next to foot fetishism, yours is the second most popular sexual fetish.

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All but one of them wear pantyhose under their suits to work for me.

I have convinced them all, even the married ones, to start wearing pretty, silky pantyhose to work on a daily basis. I have bought them their first few pairs and now most of them have begun buying their own.

You will be given a free list of local women, usually minutes from your door, who share your sexual preference.

As a final piece of advice, simply email or instant message each woman, letting her know your personal feelings about your proclivity.

Pantyhose give long legs such an elegant look, and now they come in so many shades and fashionable alternatives.

Once made famous by the pinup girls of the World War era, today girls who wear panty hose represent a counter culture that wants to return to the glamorous past and restore the classic retro look that once made American servicemen swoon.

I have convinced countless men to even wear pantyhose for me.

I work in a law firm with ten other males, some of them big powerful lawyers.

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