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Spotlighting your customers’ success is a great way to give them some exposure as well as highlight success stories with your product and inspire other users.

Or, see what Wistia has done below with highlighting some of the top posts and comments in their user community. Check out our Email Design Lookbook for some of the best stuff we’ve seen!

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Failing to integrate responsiveness at the heart of UX will most likely lead to disappointing up to half of your readers.

That’s why we decided to build MJML with a hybrid coding and a mobile-first approach in mind.

Not ready to take on designing something like this yourself?

Check out the pre-formatted templates included with your marketing automation platform, and pick something that lends itself well to visuals.

Giving readers content that you know they’re interested in is key, but don’t overdo it.

You don’t want them to feel overwhelmed by long paragraphs of written text in tiny fonts, especially while reading on mobile devices.

However, building a responsive email template can be confusing, if not just tedious. Now, with MJML, building responsive email has never been easier. Thanks to its template gallery, you don’t even need to start from scratch!

The gallery provides a variety of responsive email templates that will allow you to efficiently communicate with your users, in multiple scenarios.

But your newsletter is still one of the best ways to keep your customers and fans informed and up to date.

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