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Those who saw my passion were encouraged to check us out. Since then, we have made significant strides, with roughly 1,000 new people signing up every month. I know what I want to do and I now understand that it will take time. After people have been on Tinder and are looking for something more serious, where are they going to go? I want to be a site with a great reputation and I am building that now. Look to the future Since we currently only approve six per cent of applicants, we need to convert the other 94 per cent into DMK members or offer them another website that will work better for them.

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“I have now been in this for four years and I have gained a lot of knowledge.

I understand what people like and what they don’t like.

What made this an attractive investment opportunity is that online dating is a $4 billion (Sh412 billion) industry. It’s never 100 per cent accurate, but it’s a fun and sophisticated way to find those who have things in common. Set yourself apart What sets DMK apart from other dating sites is how selective we are in signing up new members. We manually approve everything and have to be physically in front of a computer accepting a new photo or new post, which allows us to maintain quality control.

We also structured three levels of membership: Rafiki, which is free and offers limited features; Chui, which costs Sh1,000 a month if you sign up for a year, or Sh4,000 for a month; and Simba, which costs Sh1,700 for a year or Sh7,000 for a month. Kenya has a very unusual ecosystem of dating where you find that having a ‘sponsor’ is acceptable.

I look younger than my age, exercise regularly, eat right and maintain my relationship with the Lord, daily priority number one in my life. I long for a special someone and trust that the Lord will l I spend my days working with Emirates Airline, but when I'm off work, i love to read books/Bible, exercising, going for long walks, going for cinema/watching movies, cooking and in my breaks i love to travel.

Therefore, i will be happy to meet a God-fearing man who shares the same interest and feels its time to start a family.I would prefer a partner within an age bracket of 36-45yrs, but that shouldn't limit my options of finding my true love (if abit younger or abit older is fine).One more important thing, i would wish to start a new life with either a widower or a never-been-married m I would love to found a God fearing man, I'm born again Christian. Am calm n loving ,friendly n treasure every guwd moments shared the open minded type of a lady n appreciate honesty .I am well educated, travelled widely and exposed to many cultures.My interests are rather eclectic, including gospel music, theatre, photography and movies.Am very shy at first but once we get closer I open up...

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