Dating mark zuckerberg the rules

NOTE: These guidelines apply only when you’re starting out.

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Chances are you’ve already tried this approach and have gotten frustrated.

But don’t worry, this advice doesn’t require you to be celibate for 3 years before making a move.

Plus it’ll also shorten the process of finding that special job or true love.

And, having more options will naturally eliminate college-guy syndrome because you won’t be so desperate.

Here’s how…Here’s how to guarantee frustration: trying to date one person at a time, or trying to get one client at a time, or trying to get one job at a time.

If you put all your feelings, hopes, and desires into one person you’re inevitably signing up for a rollercoaster ride. Here’s how to avoid getting scared of the rollercoaster: go on more than one ride.

A lot of guys and girls are guilty of this and it’s the worst thing to lose someone because they didn’t think you were interested in them.

Even if you don’t show them you love them, show them you them.

Of course you’re not going to get all 25 jobs, and of course you’re not going to be a douche and have relationships with all 3 girls/guys.

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