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I was to learn what each number meant..each hour went by , I dreaded looking up at the changing numbers, , yet I dreaded not doing it either . As long as the brain kept swelling, the brain damage kept being compounded.Medication was not helping in reducing the swelling.His cranial pressure fluctuated, but kept climbing James was in a deep coma next to brain death as you can be.

I screamed for my husband, David and ran off to tell him back in his office. I couldn't think....concentrate....someone dialed the hospital for us...a doctor told us to get their as fast as possible and would meet us at the ICU to talk to us...... One eye was partially cracked open, never blinking, only a shattered black pupil engulfed the eye .

Stitches sewed up a huge, angry gash from his forehead down to his cheek. His hair was matted with blood and I saw that there was crusts of blood in his ears and nose, almost every facial bone was broken, his skull was crushed. In the background ,we heard the sadistic whoosh whoosh of the ventilator softly mocking us.

I had not realized until he had died, how many things I took for granted that James had always helped us with doing around the house.

James was a compassionate, generous, and kind hearted soul who befriended everyone. July 2nd, 1998, we were on vacation when I called to see how my mother was doing and tell her where we were staying .

We arrived at our house in the wee early hours of the morning.

July 4th, 1998, James calls to checkup on how I was doing. I am shaking so badly I can't seem to get a connection..when I is home..try.... We were blessed to have this doctor who was patient and understanding...

He had physical therapy for several years but was plagued with constant back problems the rest of his life.

Most people were unaware of his back pain for he did not let it slow him down and he never complained about it.

When the ventilator stopped, so did his breathing, once the new tubes were inserted, the machine started, then and only then did his breathing resume.

The day it looked like good news-his cranial pressure was down....something we had been hoping and praying about ,we were told it was because he was vomiting up pieces of his brain.

James had to pull me out of the house after I had run back in to find our 11 year old cat.

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