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Just because Don's refrained from sleeping around doesn't mean he and Megan have a good marriage—they're kinda dysfunctional even without Don cheating.

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The most dramatic sign of his unhappiness is the ad campaign he pitches to the Hawaiian resort: the image of a man who's leapt out of his clothes, with the tagline "Hawaii—the jumping-off point." It makes everyone in the room think of suicide.

The baffled client stammers, "I think, and I think people might think, that he died."Are we viewers supposed to think Don is headed for a similar fate? Ashley, what did you think of Don's lapse back into cheating and darkness? great is its sense of dread, of tragic inevitability.

(I think Henry Francis spoke for all of us when he responded to the world's worst attempt at dirty talk with, "Betty! It makes me feel so much." I was immediately reminded of her weird comment at the Thanksgiving table last season: "I'm thankful that I have everything I want and no one else has anything better." So untrue and also so weird.

Is it too much to hope that the scene in which Betty gets pulled over for reckless driving is foreshadowing for some deadly, fiery crash several episodes hence?

Where would we be without Lorenzo the Magnificent supporting Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo?

Don's fifth-season transformation from miserable, lying, cheating husband of Betty to happy, forthright, faithful husband of Megan seemed to maybe, possibly answer this question in the affirmative. How much more interesting would it be to see what it takes for him to be happy long-term?

Even the jaded teenager is surprised by how easily Betty supplies the response.

"It's incredible how fast some people come up with lies," she says, which is almost exactly what Betty said to Don in season two when he came up with a cover story on the fly for her to give their kids to hide the fact that she had asked him to move out.

This guilt-wracked Don is different from first-season Don, who was so in denial about the fact that he already had a wife, he tells his mistress, "We should get married." Don's guilt shows he sees Megan as a person who's capable of being hurt. The season opens with the two of them on a trip to Hawaii, and as the episode follows them from the beach to the bedroom to the dinner table, Megan does all the talking and Don is silent.

The first words we hear him speak (other than a voiceover of him reading Dante's at the very beginning) is at the hotel bar, where he's gone to escape in the middle of the night. Maybe it's guilt over the affair, or perhaps he's jealous of her professional quasi-success.

Are you both as eager as I am for an appearance by young master Harris?

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