Dating fender strat pickups

At that time, it was suggested that there might be as few as four replicas made.

In November 2003, Fender announced that 100 guitars would be made, priced at ,000 each, all made by John Cruz.

It is certainly not unusual for artwork to sell for ,000, and that's one way to look at this guitar.

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(I do not make copies of the DVD for anyone, so please do not ask.)My initial impressions: excellent tone, love the fat neck, and it's lighter than I expected.

It looks great, but there are some things about 25 years of wear that no one has accurately mimicked.

He mentioned to me that Jimmie was getting three of the guitars. Replicas of Stevie's Hamiltone have sold for up to $8000, I'm told.

The Charley replicas sold for $2500, and are now selling for $3500 if you can find one. Fender's Custom Shop employs some of the best craftsman in the business, and it is not unusual for their guitars to sell for thousands of dollars due to the number of hours spent handcrafting each guitar.

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In both cases, the customers who were successful in getting a guitar were those who paid for them in advance.

The Tribute Strats come with a flight case stenciled "SRV - Number One," a red gig bag modeled after Stevie's, a replica of the black leather strap with white music notes, and a documentation folder containing the certificate signed by Cruz, a photo of Stevie with Number One, a copy of the El Mocambo DVD, a Fender Custom Shop DVD of the night they inspected Number One, and a tube of Rene Martinez' Graphit-all.

Given the factors involved in that sale, I thought it would be unlikely anyone could get that amount in a private sale.

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