Dating engagement letter

When we’re done with the Quick Review, we write an accessible and concise report that explains all the issues we’ve found, and a plan for correction.We use a standard format for all our reports, with some optional variations for specific industries.

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Identify who everyone is, i.e., "I, Bill Smith, a certified public accountant in the State of New York, am proposing to complete the following project for Acme Widget Makers."Define the scope of the services you're providing.

Make it clear to your client what you will and won't do based on the discussion(s) you've had.

Consider using a bulleted list of tasks so it's absolutely clear exactly what the project involves. You may want to highlight the due date in red so everyone's clear by what date the work is supposed to be completed.

Discuss what happens to the fee if you're late with the project without gaining prior approval from your client.

You’ll know how the client responds to requests, how serious they are about their financials and this is a chance for them to learn the value your services will bring to their business.

In the long run, a Quick Review is an opportunity to build a strong foundation for the future of their business – and yours.

This is a service we use to educate them about their current bookkeeping practices and to highlight issues and concerns.

It also allows us to establish a baseline, should they decide to hire us for ongoing work.

Once the report is finalized and sent to the client, they can hire us to address the issues and for ongoing bookkeeping service.

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