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They reunite with Lucas and Sarah, and Alton is healthy.He explains that seeing the sun helped him realize his true identity."I was ready to play something like that," she explains.

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They drive to Sarah Tomlin's house, and she is overjoyed to be reunited with her son.

As they watch the news together, it is revealed that the gas station was destroyed by an Air Force satellite.

Members of the Ranch seem to know this location, but the FBI is desperately trying to figure out where the trio are headed.

When they stop at a gas station, Alton seems to create a meteor shower.

During the night, an earthquake seems to wake Roy and Lucas.

When they break down the door to Alton's room, they find him linked to Elden by blinding beams of light directly from his eyes into Elden's.When they leave the hotel room, they are ambushed by Calvin's trackers, who abduct Alton but are soon captured by the police.The boy is taken to a government facility where he insists that he will only talk to Sevier.Calvin explains that Alton speaks in tongues and gave the numbers to Calvin.As Alton's powers grew, his mother abandoned him, and members of the Ranch have been raising him, with Pastor Meyer as his adoptive father.It is also noted in this sequence that Roy is Alton's biological father.

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