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Students are provided a large number of clinical experiences from local nursing homes and hospitals to acute care experiences at a distance in adult health, obstetrics, pediatrics and psychiatric nursing.The program is offered in a full-time format on the LCC campus, beginning in August and ending in May.LCC’s Nursing program is above the three-year national mean with an 85.55% pass rate.

Mary Ann Turner, RN, MSN, NE Nursing Instructor phone: 719.336.1625 email: [email protected] is one of the most empowering and important human experiences.

The ability and desire to learn are the key attributes that allow us to gainknowledge, wisdom and personal growth.

I really like working with adults of all ages and especially with our geriatric population.

I am excited about utilizing the knowledge I gained in my graduate education to help positively change the lives of individuals in southeast Colorado.

Meine Bilder und Filme sind unter der GNU Lizenz für freie Dokumention (GFDL) und/oder der Creative Commons (CC) lizensiert.

Das bedeutet, daß Sie die Bilder und Filme gegen eine kleine immaterielle Gegenleistung kostenlos verwenden dürfen: Nennung des Autors und der Lizenz.Das bedeutet im Einzelnen: Wenn Sie meine Bilder und Filme verwenden wollen, tun Sie dies einfach und problemlos konform der entsprechenden Lizenzen, eine weitere Rücksprache ist nicht erforderlich.D.h., Sie müssen den Bildautor und die Lizenz nennen.Over the course of five semesters of full-time coursework, students move through a sequence of courses progressing from basic to complex.Theory classes are provided on campus as well as a significant number of lab hours in which students practice and perfect new skills for their new profession.My images and videos are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) and/or Creative Commons (CC).

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