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After that, Trublud turned to me: "Perhaps Harvey's 'mating' tips will help our sisters, mothers and wives become better black women," he said with a wry grin.

This helps to prevent you from wasting time on hookers and accounts that are set up by scammers.

There are a few things you can do to tell if an account is fake or not. Ever wondered what the founder of OK cupid knows about dating and becoming a master of the online dating game?

"I want my guys [the people he coaches] to be the kind who go after what they want.

It's ok to fail, but develop the confidence to pull yourself back up." Move towards your goal in micro-increments: A lot of guys lurch towards a woman to kiss her, when they should have been building towards it, Luna had said.

It is a dramatization of Steve Harvey's best-selling book, , in which the comedian and radio talk show host offers women tips on how to find, get and keep the man of their dreams.

Surely, I thought, Trublud had no need of such advice.I had mentioned to Trublud some advice offered by Chris Luna, owner of Craft of Charisma, a date coaching business based in New York City, whom I'd interviewed for one of the stories.After the article ran, Luna itemized a few of his suggestions to me, and I'd shared them with Trublud.Keep your cool: "Whoever is the most reactive has the least social power," Luna had said."When the boss walks in, everyone sits up and acts like they are working., the romantic comedy starring Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart and Michael Ealy among others, hit the big screen, my friend, Trublud, said he "had to" see it.

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