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Part of the neighborhood, the Brewers' Hill Historic District, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

For instance, Brady Street and East Village are actually inside of the East Side, but Beerline B is essentially located in Riverwest.

At the same time some Riverwest residents may regard the Beerline B as a separate distinct neighborhood or perhaps part of adjacent Brewers' Hill.

neighborhood north of downtown on the Milwaukee River.

The neighborhood is bordered by North Avenue to the north, Holton Avenue to the east, the Milwaukee River and Pleasant Street to the south, and Martin Luther King Drive to the west.

The Harambee community is just north of downtown Milwaukee and is bounded by Keefe Avenue to the north, Holton Street to the east, North Avenue to the south and I-43 to the west.

Harambee includes the highest residential elevation in the city, a tall ridge running along 1st Street, that in the early 20th century was built upon by the city's wealthy families.

Beechie Brooks, resident, was the developer who in the early 1980s redeveloped the area from Brown Street north to Garfield Avenue and from 4th Street west to Halyard Street.

"Harambee" is the Swahili word for "pulling together".

In 2009, This Old House named Brewers' Hill as one of its "Best Old House Neighborhoods," where the neighborhood was referred to as "a distinctly Victorian-era neighborhood that's found new life in recent years as rehabbers buy up its blighted old mansions and restore them into beautiful urban homes." Franklin Heights is bordered by Capitol Drive to the north, 20th Street to the east, Burleigh Street to the south and 35th Street to Townsend Street to the railroad tracks on the west.

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