Dating a katana

If you’re certain that you have a valuable sword, don’t think twice about sending it for appraisal.Another option is to inspect the sword yourself to assess if it’s worth something or not.

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Moreover, collectors are keen to purchasing new unique and genuine samurai swords further increasing their market value.

Determining the worth of your samurai sword requires a certain degree of expertise that only trained professional appraisers have.

Slight rusting, shallow dents and scratches anywhere on the blade except the sharp edge will not decrease its price. Any dents, cracks and chips on the sharp edge of the blade will devalue the sword.

A blade with a deep dent, crack or chip measuring more than half a centimeter will be deemed uncollectible by most collectors.

A good-looking sword with minimal damages on its blade will be priced more than a rusted blade.

Any battle-ready swords are expected to have a certain degree of damages.Katana (70 to 74 cm) is worn through a sash, usually paired with a shorter blade, with its edge up.The katana became popular from early 1600s to the end of the Edo period (1867).If you take convenience into account, sending the sword to an appraiser is the best way to find out its worth.However, you need to be prepared to shoulder the cost.Samurai swords were more than just implements of killing, they are also considered symbol of rank and prestige. Engravings on any part of a samurai sword suggest used by a prominent individual and can increase its price by, at least, 5%.

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