Dating a classmate

Assuming half the MBA2 class was in a relationship upon arrival, that’s ~112 single men and ~88 single women. 18 new MBA2 couples; 18% of singles off the market and in relationships with classmates. From a 49% singledom rate upon entry for current MBA2s, how many of those classmates are left to “hit us up” after graduation? Now, you have FOMO if you’re not.” As mentioned before, there are, by one count, 18 newly formed relationships within the MBA2 class since Colombia.

An outside observer (our mothers, say) would imagine the GSB as the land of abundance, ripe with talented, ambitious, good-looking people drawn together for two years.

Given the number of couples that do meet at the GSB — 18 in the MBA2 class at last wine-fueled, Facebook-facilitated count — there’s truth to this perspective.

One recent episode I saw showed the Band Geek, who is still a bit shy and self-conscious around women, get a Hall Pass and ask the Snob for a date.

The Band Geek has come a long way in the past 20 years—bulked up physically, for one thing—and he seemed pretty confident about the evening.

Are they afraid of the reputational repercussions of dating within a small community? The “ambigudate” is the stuff of GSB legend — notorious for both its ubiquity and its difficulty to define.

Early last year, Tally users attempted to define the nebulous concept but failed to add much clarity. Two-thirds of MBA2 respondents believe 60 % of the GSB community is in a relationship vs. Confirming this ticking clock perception as the second year winds down, an MBA2 laments, “Last fall, you had FOMO if you were in a relationship.

But on closer examination, the question: “to date, or not to date?

” is more complex than these outsiders might imagine. In a survey of 334 GSB students — primarily then-MBA1s — last year on the now defunct polling app Tally, half were not in serious relationships. Last year on Tally, a user posed the question, “Is it a much better deal for a GSB woman to date a GSB man than the other way around?

I actually felt sorry for him when the Snob gave him the brush off and said she just likes him “as a friend”.

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