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However, Liftoff’s data shows these dollars may be wasted, as January and February are not the prime months for acquiring new mobile users.

In actuality, the data reveals that dating app usages heats up along with the seasons.

At all points, you choose whether you supply another member with further personal details.

Liftoff has released an infographic (below) illuminating trends in mobile dating behavior.

Surprisingly, women register for dating apps 100 percent more on Android and 106 percent more on i Phone than male mobile users.

Not only are women registering at higher rates, but their subscription rates stack up similarly at 31 percent higher on Android and 49 percent higher on i Phone.

The data shows that North Americans are the most “swipe-happy” when it comes to mobile dating apps, with women in general being the most profitable users.

The data comes from more than 20 of the top dating apps.

While the data suggests a high drop-off in app engagement, the total number of app users and frequency of usage must also be considered.

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