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Seriously, what are they, high school students now?

Geez every time I went on a field trip when I was a kid, among the first things they always told us was to stay with the group so you don’t get fucking lost.

She’s was able to evac Shido (push him off the cliff into the ocean below) to save him from hell, but even that felt like it was overused.

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or maybe I’m mistaken) and the gang set off of their adventure.

First up, those antics at the starting about sleeping in the same room with Shido, yeah that was more the I expected, the classic Tohka/Origami battles.

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Magic and supernatural beings exist secretly in what is generally regarded as the real world.

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A moment to tell where I’ve become bored to death with an anime ep is when I stop paying attention to reading the subs and start spinning around in my seat waiting for it to end. Honestly I’ve seen that scene where two girls fight over a guy for half an ep before, and guess what, it wasn’t actually funny the first time.

This felt like they ran out of things to do in this ep and just wanted to show boat the sex appeal of these two girls by putting them in a bath with Shido and have them try to win him over. Seeing Tohka run and jump into the bath with them was kind of a relief, seeing as something new might start to happen.

I think you’re supposed to ask permission to talk someone’s picture before snapping one, at least that’s kinda what I think about that.

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