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My wife and I were very pleased with the work of Sheldon and Chris.They started on time and worked very hard throughout the day.

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Our first encounter with your organization was at the time we had our kitchen and bathroom done over and your people were great. The workers were very professional and knew exactly what they were doing.

We had you for two other occasions after that and the last time was just a few weeks ago with our septic system. He arrived on time put his booties on and got right to work! This type of job can be very messy but everything was contained and the mess was very minimal. The trench was covered nicely and seeded with grass and covered with sheets of straw. One spot of grass did not come up and I went back and they gave me more grass seed.

Everyone within the company that I interacted with, including the office staff, were very kind and professional. We are pleased with the people on the phone and people who have worked in our home. We could not have been more pleased with the work done by Wisler Plumbing when our water main sprang a leak.

Wisler Plumbing is a top notch Company, and I would highly recommend them for your plumbing needs. Received your letter of August 16, 2017 and I just wanted to write back to let you know my husband and I are extremely pleased with Wisler Plumbing. They came out and gave an estimate and set a date for the repair.

They had the job done within about a half day, cleaning up the area so nicely you’d have never known by looking at my yard that anything had been done. Wisler’s mother shows up at the shop to make the entire team breakfast before they go out to their jobs. I asked the guys what they had that morning, and it was ham and eggs and biscuits.

As a single woman, I have been aware that some businesses try to take advantage of women who don’t know much about home or car repairs (like perhaps that first plumber I had out). Apparently the company also pays well and provides good benefits to their employees (which would ensure they get top-notch employees). Mike and Brian arrived on time, explained my problem and gave me price to fix, checked other areas and recommended fixes which I agreed to, and left a really cute Wisler yellow duck complete with tool belt in my shower! We have had three service calls with three different technicians from Wisler Plumbing.One ran the back-hoe, and the other was the plumbing/pipe guy.Both extremely polite, clean-cut, friendly, and knowledgeable. I found out in talking with Marty and the other two guys that every morning, Mr.Three days later everything was done, on time, on budget and within expectations. Yesterday I had some plumbing work done by your company. I just wanted your company to know how pleased I was with the work he did. I plan on recommending your company to everyone I know. He took care of the problems we had and I have a couple of other jobs to be done in the future. My sewer pipe (from house to main sewer line at the road) needed to be replaced because toilets weren’t flushing, sewer water was backing up through the drain in my basement, and etc. It was the original line from when the house had been built back in the 60s.I plan on asking for him, so don't let him run off any time soon. Initially I had a local guy here in Salem whom I was going to use.He’d heard their ads on the radio and said they sounded like an honest, family-oriented business. So I hired Wisler on the spot, and within another 20 minutes Marty had the city water guy out to approve the paperwork, and Marty then called his office and got me on the calendar for the next available slot (3 business days from then).

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