Currency updating application

You can convert currencies, as well as over 700 units in real time, while creating customized lists so that you can come back and take a quick look at the currencies and units that matter the most to you.

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Perhaps your small business is expanding into a new international market (congrats!

), you're on a business vacation in a new country (very fancy!

Convert 180 currencies on your Android device with the world's most downloaded foreign exchange app- XE Currency.

It features up-to-the-minute exchange rates, historical charts, and even stores the last updated rates, so it works offline.

I recently returned from a river cruise in Europe where I had to deal with three currencies in the course of the trip. I especially liked that I could still use it when I was off line.

It really helped me in determining how much local currency I wanted to withdraw at ATMs, figuring tips for guides, bus drivers and taxis as well as for the price of merchandise in stores.

It's perfect if you're doing a bunch of traveling or keeping an eye on global currencies for business purposes.

Currency has a great user interface that's colorful and easy to use.

Only downfall is not allowing more currencies at one time.

I believe the current limit is 10 which should be enough for tourists but business travelers that visit the same countries multiple times would appreciate being able to have more currencies rather than having to delete one to add a new one, then have to delete the one you just added to re add the original one you deleted.

something else - I'll let the app designers figure out.

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