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Rob Reiner's effortless fairy tale film is a modern classic, filled with quotable lines (thanks to a script and book by William Goldman), unforgettable characters and beautiful scenery.It's a meta marvel, with the movie presenting itself as a fairy tale read to a child at his bedtime. E is by no means a faithful adaption of the TV show of the same name (the characters remain but everything else has changed) but it is a super-stylish crime caper from Guy Ritchie.Rounds of perfectly cooked potato were embedded, adding heft to what otherwise would have been more or less a pesto omelet. COUNTER CULTURE CAFE LOCATION: 930 Baca St., 995-1105 HOURS: Sun., Mon. The lemon ricotta pancakes () were excellent, too.

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The lemon zing was softened (and enriched) by the ricotta, there wasn’t too much maple syrup and the berry garnish contributed another spring-like note.

Counter Culture’s varying menu runs the gamut from the standard two-eggs-and-trimmings breakfast and breakfast burritos to green chile cheeseburgers and assorted sandwiches.

Soups range from a homely split pea to more exotic Asian-influenced fare. Fish, chicken and beef appear in various culinary styles ranging from plain American (hangar steak and mashed potatoes) to Italianate (lasagna) to Asian (curried vegetables) to what might, to persons of a certain age, be termed “hippie food” (grilled tofu, brown rice). But it straddles the divide between that old, small and eccentric Santa Fe and the bigger, richer and more mainstream city we now live in, complete with its own suburbs and big-box shopping malls.

You can get enormous cinnamon rolls at Counter Culture, or huevos rancheros or achiote-marinated chicken. A visit to Counter Culture partakes of nostalgia, certainly.

Likewise, you can choose your own company by bringing your own and eating at a smaller table or taking potluck at one of Counter Culture’s big communal tables. But it’s an up-to-date experience, too, reflecting the sophisticated variety of influences and preoccupations (organic ingredients, local sourcing and so on) that are now our standard.

While working on a writing project recently, I found myself looking at the various hagiographical sources for Francis’s encounter with the leper.

She has studied footage of Jackie and got her mannerisms and speech imprint spot on.

The film is a stark and intimate look and the former First Lady and is a rollercoaster of emotions.

An ultraviolent, ultra-fun take on the Marvel comic of the same name, Wesley Snipes is perfect as Blade - the day walking vampire hunter that just happens to be a vampire himself.

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