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Examples Definitions Introduction The Pension Program for police officers and firefighters was developed to provide benefits for Purdue staff comparable to those available in Indiana for municipal police and fire personnel.

The program is essential to attract and maintain the quality police officers and firefighters charged with protecting the University community.

The study suggests that protective service workers, especially those new to the job, are at higher risk for developing mental disorders than workers in other occupations.

"Our findings suggest that exposure to diverse types of traumatic events among protective service workers is a risk factor for new onset of psychopathology and alcohol use disorders," said Christopher Kaufman, co-author of the study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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Researchers found that some of the traumatic events most commonly witnessed by police officers, firefighters and other emergency workers include seeing someone badly injured or killed; unexpectedly seeing a dead body; having someone close die unexpectedly; or having someone close experience a serious or life-threatening illness, accident or injury.

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