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In addition, they offer fewer protections, such as loan forgiveness under certain conditions.

Most federal loans permit the loan to be forgiven if the student becomes permanently disabled or dies.

BOA offered a variety of repayment terms so you could choose the option that best met your unique financial circumstances. Like all private loans, there are some drawbacks to obtaining a private loan through BOA.

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It can help clients get out of debt, whether credit card or medical debt, with one predictable, consolidated monthly payment.

Overall there are both some pros and cons to this offer.

The non-certified student loans could be used towards the cost of room and board, textbooks, and other related educational expenses.

The Education Maximizer Loan (which allowed students to borrow up to $40,000 per year) and the Campus Edge Student Loan Program were both examples of non-certified student loans offered through BOA.

information on this program from Bank of America and learn how it can provide you with options to consolidate debt at what will probably be a lower interest rate.

Bank of America is offering the Clean Sweep debt consolidation loan to customers as an effective way to improve their financial condition.

It is one of the largest banks in the United States, based on the number of assets it holds.

In fact, there are more than 5,000 physical bank locations through this company.

In 1930, the Bank’s name was changed to Bank of America.

BOA is headquartered in the picturesque town of Charlotte, North Carolina.

For example, they offer credit cards, checking and savings accounts, auto loans, student loans and much more!

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