Consolidating medical bills

Sometimes all it takes is one major health problem and the medical bills that come with it create a situation where you have insurmountable debt.

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Read below for tips on exactly how to negotiate your medical debt when you: –Are at a medical facility –Receive a bill in the mail –Already have medical debt One of the biggest “secrets” is that you can negotiate your bill on the spot while you are still at the doctor’s office or the hospital.

The only catch is that you will need to be able to pay cash to make this work.

This way, you can find out exactly how your provider should have billed you, which will allow you to call back the provider and explain what they should do (i.e. Also, make sure to notify your provider of any secondary insurance you may have (through your spouse or parents, for example) and make sure your provider bills them too before they ask you to pay your share of the bill.

After all the steps above, there’s a good chance you may still have some medical debt to deal with.

Step 2: If the hospital or doctor’s office agrees to give you a discount in return for your pre-payment, then pay before leaving.

Step 3: Once the paperwork is processed, the healthcare provider will calculate how much you owe.

Because medical billing codes are so complex now, it’s not uncommon for one or two of the codes to be written down incorrectly or forgotten entirely.

That means you’ll be billed for something that should have been covered by insurance.

Once you get this document, go through it carefully to see exactly what was covered.

The Explanation of Benefits will show three things: (A) what was paid by your insurance, (B) what was written off by the provider, and (C) what you may owe.

In that case, there are still some proactive options you can use.

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