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It is the very power he works within us to shine the glory of Jesus Christ in present day life, circumstances and relationships. We may feel nervous about it or unsure about it - but it is there - and it is powerful.

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People notice you when you wear color to a black tie event.

People are shocked when a person starts yelling and causing a scene in the middle of a quiet public setting because it is unexpected.

God had been transforming my soul in awe-inspiring ways, so I was eager to share. Instead of the one and only God who works with power and might.

He had been teaching me about trusting him – about reaching outside of myself, stepping outside of my comfort zone and about letting go of things I clenched so tightly.

Pilate’s job was to hear people be accused and then hear them defend themselves.

It was a normal day at the office for someone to stand before him and explain why the accusers were wrong.When Christians are going through a series of tests – perhaps a sickness, financial trials, parenting struggles, marriage issues, or even religious persecution – and yet they don’t complain and they don’t argue, this is how they can “shine like stars in the sky” (Philippians ).Stars shine in the universe because the majority of the universe is black nothingness.He was teaching me to let him work out what was his to work out. But, as I stepped into the spotlight of vulnerability, a dark cloud cast a shadow over me. I went in with a flame ready to ignite the group’s passion for the Lord, but I left with burnt ashes in my wake. After much soul searching, I realized I hid my candle – out of fear of judgment. It does not depend on reactions, perceptions or judgments. To hide his light, to squelch its power – is to hide the saving and redeeming work of Jesus Christ. But Jesus said all he needed to say through his silence.

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