Christian dating breaking up

Downstream, the water empties into Hume Lake, where it collects day after day, month after month, year after year.

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Track with me here, because this is sobering stuff.

Studies (and common sense) tell us that the longer you spend in a situation you disagree with, the less you will disagree with it.

The truth is, if it seems hard to break up now, it won’t get easier when you have even more time invested in a relationship!

The nature of romance is that it deepens if not severed.The water is calm enough in many places for water striders to skitter along the smooth surface and narrow enough at places to dam up the flow with just a few well-placed boulders.Stopping the water there, along the creek, would be easy.Fear not though, the Lord is always with you, guiding you through these difficult times.In order to help you find peace in your heart, here are 10 verses to help you heal your aching heart.Eventually, given enough time with the guy, you will likely push that nagging feeling out of your heart, and eventually you will probably change your belief about dating unbelievers, and someday you may even find yourself changing your beliefs about how believers should act/live or about God himself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard (either from girls writing to me, or back in the day from my own mind) that they couldn’t bring themselves to end a relationship because they didn’t want to hurt their boyfriend.

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