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You should attempt to add creativity if you can or something to make you stand out from other potential matches.

Above all else your message should be a fairly low-key introduction that piques the interest of the recipient and encourages a response.

This can be nerve wracking, particularly for those just getting started with online dating, but it shouldn’t really be anything to fear.

The first message you send via the dating website is, of course, an important one.

Your message, together with your profile, is all that any potential match has to judge you on, and if you want them to contact you back, then you need to put thought into what you write.

CEO of Dating Factory Tanya Fathers says:"We are pleased to provide our technology to such a recognisable brand as World Dating Partners.

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Your first message should be short, simple, and to the point.

There’s always a chance that the person you are contacting gets a lot of messages, and they may not want to read through long emails.

After all, people sign up at dating websites precisely because they are looking to find someone interested in them.

However, for your first message, you shouldn’t be too forward or pushy.

There’s nothing more off putting than receiving messages from people who have clearly gone to no effort to personalize their message and have just sent out something generic.

Using a dating website should be a personal experience, and not just a case of putting a message together and sending it out to dozens of people that vaguely match certain criteria.

If you want to make a good impression on the recipient of your message, then it will do no harm to throw in a compliment.

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